The Best Silverware Sets for Your Southern Table

Hospitality is the name of the game down South. We Southerners take pride in our place settings, and we’re constantly scouring our collections, polishing up the classics, and putting together inspired services for friends and family. (We call it “The Good Silver” for a reason.) We do this for special occasions and holidays, of course, but we’ve also been known to put out lovely silver settings for weekday dinners—they just make the days a little more special, don’t you think? Browse some of our favorite silver patterns in both shining sterling and everyday stainless, and see if you’re inspired to add anything new to your collection. There are more than a few patterns here we’d like to gift to loved ones—or slip into our own flatware collections. You can never have too many beautiful silver services. With plenty of place settings all polished up and ready to go, the old adage rings truer than ever: The more the merrier! So come on in, y’all, and pull up a chair. We’re happy you’re here.

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